Risky Bisqueness, Book I is Live!

Risky Bisqueness, Book I is Live!

Said the spider to the fly, "Come on in, Come on in!" Said the fly, and to the spider,  "Lying is a sin, and your intentions, Murder..."

Risky Bisqueness is the first book in my new series where 40 is just a number, and starting over is the best adventure ever.  Did you read the Novella, Thyme for Murder? It was a handy introduction to the series and to Restless and Adele, who continue their adventure in Book I and beyond. They have a story to tell you. Thyme for Murder is FREE here, if you would like to sign up to my Newsletter for updates on the Series and much more. 

I had a ball writing this first book. It's a break away from my Rule 9 Series, which is a Young Adult Fantasy, currently four books in and growing. 

In penning my Snips and Snails Café Series,  I get to be an over forty adult and play with magic and chase hot lumberjack-firefighters and make delicious Soups that make me skinny...I digress. 

And I'm already finished with the second book in the series, Murder on the Oxtail Express, which if all goes well, will be live on February 9. Currently, it is under heavy edit by me, and a host of other wonderful Critique Partners. 

Because Juli is a Soup Witch, and the entire series centers around her little Café', I wanted to be able to share her 'magical' recipes with you, my readers. So I am recreating Julienne Mason's Grimoire of Spelled Recipes, complete with magical indications...I mean...who wouldn't want to dive into creating a Cauldron of 'Not Your Grammy's Clammy Chowder,' with indications: ...Women, firm up those saggy, baggy eyes and chin. Men, grow an overnight beard sensation, guaranteed irresistible to women of all ages.

Juli's Grimoire of Recipes is under pen and computer as we speak, and due to come FREE to all my Newsletter Peeps in February, so don't forget to Sign up. It will start smallish...but will expand over time...as Juli's skill and collection of recipes increase. 

That's about it on the Homefront for now. For those of you interested in knowing what the future holds? My Rule 9 Series has at least two more books coming this year if all goes well. (Disclaimer: Life Happens so there are no guarantees). Along with that, this series, Snips and Snails Café has no end in sight, but I should see a total of five in the series before the end of the year...unless...see disclaimer. But Here's to hoping all goes well, for YOU, for ME, for ALL of us!  CHEERS!